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How To Wash Your Period Underwear: Here’s How You Do It

How To Wash Your Period Underwear: Here’s How You Do It

So, you’ve made your decision to switch from disposable pads or tampons to reusable period underwear. And now the concern is: how to keep your period underwear clean and comfortable to wear to get you protected during the bloody days.

Keeping your period underwear clean and comfortable necessitates proper washing right after use. The process may differ from how you usually wash your regular clothes, as period underwear is a delicate item, just like your panties, bras, or lingerie.

That's why we're here to help you with proper period underwear-washing techniques. This is to ensure that your period underwear stays in good shape and is comfortable to use when needed.

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How To Machine Wash Period Underwear

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Washing period underwear with a washing machine can be the most convenient way to cleanse your period underwear. It saves you time and energy amid your hectic daily activities.

Here’s how to wash your period underwear using a washing machine:

Step #1: Rub The Blood Stains Out Of Your Period Underwear

Although you intend to clean your period underwear using a washing machine, it's always best to rub the blood stains out first. This ensures that the blood stains won't get absorbed into the fabric and become difficult to remove.

Step #2: Put Your Freshly Rubbed Period Underwear In a Mesh Bag

Period underwear is a delicate item that can lose its integrity with direct friction with the washing machine. If you wish to keep your period underwear lasting, you should prepare a mesh bag to use when washing your period underwear.

A mesh bag gives an extra layer of protection to your period underwear during the washing process. The material serves as a barrier that prevents any potential snagging or stretching of the fabric while allowing water and detergent to flow through.

Step #3: Place Your Mesh Bag Inside a Washing Machine

Now you’ve placed your period underwear inside a mesh bag as a protective barrier. The next step is to place the mesh bag inside a washing machine for a thorough yet gentle cleaning.

Step #4: Set Your Washing Machine to Gentle Cycle

Before turning on your washing machine, opt for a gentle or delicate cycle to cleanse your period underwear. By doing this, you’ll protect your delicate period underwear from losing its integrity while ensuring its hygiene.

After setting the machine into a gentle cycle, the next step is to choose cold water washing using mild detergent. Avoid using hot water as it can damage the elastic component of your period underwear, while mild detergent can prevent any irritation to your skin.

Step #5: Take The Mesh Bag Out of The Washing Machine

When the washing machine has finished its cycle, it is time to remove the mesh bag. Your period underwear should be clean and free of stains or bacteria at this time.

Step #6: Air Dry Your Period Underwear

Once the washing machine stops, it’s time to air dry your period underwear. Avoid tumble drying using a dryer as it can potentially damage the integrity of your period underwear.

To dry your period underwear, opt for air drying instead. Just put your wet period underwear on a hanging rack that has been layered with a towel to prevent unwanted stretches while drying.

How To Hand Wash Period Underwear

Hand washing your period underwear works just as well if you don't have a washing machine. Here’s how you hand-wash period underwear:

Step #1: Prepare Cold Water + Mild Detergent Mixture

The first step you should do is to prepare a mixture of cold water and mild detergent. Doing this ensures that the detergent is evenly distributed and won’t get trapped in one area, which can cause discolouration in your period underwear.

Also, opting for cold water instead of hot water prevents your period underwear from losing its integrity. Hot water, while many believe it can kill bacteria, can potentially damage fabrics, which is the last thing you want if you wish to keep your period underwear last long.

In addition, mild detergent prevents your period underwear from leaving behind unwanted residues. This can ultimately protect your skin from irritation, as period underwear is used on sensitive body parts. 

Step #2: Soak Period Underwear In Mixture

After you’ve prepared the cold water and mild detergent, now is the time to soak your period underwear in it. Let it rest for a couple of minutes to let the detergent absorb into the fabric, until then you can start rubbing your period underwear.

Step #3: Gently Rub Your Period Underwear

As you wash your period underwear by hand, you need to rub it gently. Gently rubbing your period underwear will prevent it from losing its integrity and keeps it intact for a longer time.

Even when you notice that your period underwear is heavily stained with blood, you still need to rub it gently. You can then repeat the rubbing until the blood stains are removed.

Step #4: Rinse Your Period Underwear

Once you’re finished rubbing a pile of your period underwear, now is the time to rinse them. Start by pouring the water out of the bucket you use to wash your period underwear and fill it up with clean water.

Repeat until the water is clear. You should also rub your period underwear to remove any detergent residues from the fabric entirely. This should be enough after you change the water twice or three times.

Step #5: Dry Your Period Underwear

After you’ve finished washing your period underwear, it's time to dry it out. Simply hang the newly washed period underwear on a hanging rack during a sunny day and your period underwear will be effectively dried out.

However, it remains necessary to layer the hanging rack by using a towel. This is to protect the elastic component of your period underwear from stretching, which will be uncomfortable to wear.

Should I Wash My Period Underwear Immediately?

Washing your period underwear right away is the most effective way to prevent blood stains from becoming absorbed into the fabric and difficult to remove. However, it might not always be convenient or possible to wash your period underwear immediately after use. 

In this case, you may want to rinse your period underwear every time you want to replace it or when you shower. You can place the detergent in your bathroom just so you can rinse your period underwear when needed. 

Focus on removing the blood stains by gently rubbing your period underwear in the shower. Once you’re done removing the stains, you can toss it in a dedicated laundry bag for you to wash with other period underwear.

How To Prevent Blood Stains on My Period Underwear

how to wash period underwear

Even though period underwear is dedicated to use during your bloody days, leaving your period underwear unwashed for too long might cause stains to settle into the underwear.

Thankfully, you can reduce or remove blood stains from your period underwear through the following tricks:

Trick #1: Rinse as You Shower

Rinsing your period underwear as you shower allows you to immediately remove the blood stains right after a single use. Freshly stained blood is easier to remove compared to when it’s been there after some time.

Trick #2: Soak Period Underwear Overnight

Another alternative you can do to remove or reduce blood stains from your period underwear is by soaking it overnight in a mixture of cold water and mild detergent. This will allow the cleaning solutions to absorb thoroughly into the fabric.

In turn, when you rub your period underwear the next day, the blood stain will be easier to remove. Even gentle rubbing can easily remove the stains, compared to when you only soak it for a few minutes.

Trick #3: Choose Dark-Coloured Period Underwear

Washing period underwear immediately after use can be difficult if you have a packed daily schedule. If this is the case, then we would suggest dark-coloured period underwear for easier maintenance. 

We have the options available for you coming in a variety of styles, including Boyshorts, Hiphuggers, High Cut Briefs, and Thongs.

What To Avoid When Washing My Period Underwear

Period underwear is a delicate item that you need to take care of fully to ensure that it lasts long. Taking care of your favourite period underwear goes to things you should avoid when washing it, including:

Bleaching Solution

Bleaching solution is a harsh chemical that will cause discolouration and deteriorate your chic period underwear. Aside from that, bleaching solution may damage your period underwear, particularly the elastic components.

In turn, your period underwear may deteriorate and become uncomfortable to wear. This is something that you should avoid, remembering how you want your period underwear to remain comfortable and absorb your blood well.

Harsh Detergent

Harsh detergent is another solution that you should avoid when it comes to washing your period underwear. Such a solution is more likely to leave residue in your period underwear, making it uncomfortable to wear or cause skin irritation.

Mixing With Other Clothes

Washing period underwear by mixing it with other clothes is the last thing you should be doing. Doing so may cause your other clothes to get contaminated with the menstrual blood from your period underwear.

Additionally, period underwear is an item that you use on your sensitive body parts. Bacteria or germs coming from other clothes should be avoided to ensure that your period underwear is hygienic while you use it on your bloody days.

Final Thoughts

By now, it should be clear that washing your period underwear is a simple thing to do. You can either wash it using a washing machine or a manual rubbing using your hand.

The most important thing to remember is you should treat it as delicate, just like your panties, bras, or lingeries. Washing your period underwear harshly, in the hope to remove the blood stains, isn’t what we advise as doing so can damage your period underwear. 

Finally, with proper care and love, Mooncheeks period underwear can last for up to 50 washes. Discover more of Mooncheeks’ period underwear today!


Can you machine wash period underwear?

Yes, you can. Ensure that you use cold water and set your washing machine to a gentle or delicate cycle.

Should you wash period underwear immediately?

Washing your period underwear immediately after use is recommended. This is to ensure that you can remove or prevent blood from permanently staining your period underwear.

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